We have available Kilndried hardwoods which are ready to burn now and are fantastic on your stoves, open fires, BBQ and pizza ovens.  We also have a range of cooking woods for all aspects of outdoor cooking. 

We have no contactless or credit card payment facility

You can however pay via Bank Payment or Cash


Price List


Barn Dried Softwood Logs - £7.75 per bag - £30.00 for 4

Barn Dried Hardwood Logs - £8.75 per bag - £34 for 4

Barn Dried Ash Logs £10.00 per bag

Barn Dried Oak logs  £10.00 per bag

Round Hardwood logs in nets £9.00 each


Wood Wax Firelighters £4.00 for a pack of 20


Please phone for prices on the following products


Kiln Dried silver Birch Nets - Available

Kiln Dried Ash Nets - Available

Kiln Dried Alder Nets - Available


Barrow Bag Kiln Dried Silver Birch - Available

Barrow Bag Kiln Dried Beech - Available

Kiln Dried Bulk Bags - Available


Oxbow Red Smokeless coal - 10Kg bags - Available


Supertherm Smokeless Coal 10Kg bags - Available.

Kindling nets - Available


Trailer loads Unseasoned Hardwood - Please Call.

We are located at:

The Log Place

Meadow View

School Road

Marton Moss Blackpool


Contact us today!

If you have any queries,  please contact Liz on:

Phone: 07970790185

Or email Liz on:


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